Zitec, Inc. partners with Pacific Power Source on Higher Power Mobile Power Carts

Niceville, Florida, November 8th, 2016 – Zitec, Inc, has partnered with Pacific Power Source to significantly upgrade its next generation mobile power carts using the all new Pacific 3150AFX AC and DC power source.
Assets as valuable as smart weapons (i.e., JDAM/SDB and AMRAAM), as well as Common Munitions BIT/Reprogramming Equipment (CMBRE,) call for serious and dependable power stability. The ZITEC Mobile Power Conditioning Unit Plus® (MPCU Plus®) brings just that, significant and stable power to global military operations. Its primary function is converting 50 or 60 Hz power to continuous, stable and conditioned (clean) 400 Hz power. Providing advanced protection for personnel, weapons, CMBRE and power converters/conditioners from just about any electrical problem imaginable, Zitec’s power systems are indispensable tools for our armed forces.
To learn more about the new MPCU Plus®, contact Zitec by calling (850) 678-9747 or email zitec@cox.net Information on the AFX Series can be found at afx-series

By using the 3150AFX, power output of the new MCPU Plus® power cart has been increased more than three-fold while reducing overall system size and weight. This allows even more sophisticated and power hungry current and future weapons systems to be supported.

Daniel Mank, President of Zitec, was quoted as saying: “Our past experience working with Pacific Power Source on several of our power products has proven to us they are a reliable supplier that supports its customers, so selecting the AFX Series was an easy decision.” He continued: “With the greatly enhanced power density and feature set of the 3150AFX, we can offer our customers an easy migration path to supporting ever increasing power hungry systems.”