Regenerative AC & DC Power Source AZX Series

Regenerative Source and Load with PHIL Interface Capability

All-in1 Multi-Functional AC DC Power Source

The Regenerative AC/DC Power Source AZX Series simulates almost any power  disturbance and distorted waveforms. The AZX Series is cost effective and fully programmable for both basic frequency conversion and advanced AC power line or DC power disturbance test applications requiring up to 1000 Hz fundamental frequency. The energy recovery capability allows both sourcing and sinking of current and power up to 100% of rated power. Adding the Load Option (Option L) adds full electronic regenerative AC & DC Load programming capability to the AZX while Option H provides high speed analog I/O for PHIL.

Test applications: Aerospace power and compliance testing, Utility grid, microgrid, EV chargers, Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G), Vehicle-to-Home (V2H), Solar PV/grid-tied inverters, home energy storage systems, UPS, PDUs, test laboratories, and more. 

Applications range from simple, manually controlled frequency conversion to IEC power line emission and immunity testing and with sophisticated transient simulation and PHIL applications.

Modular Power up to 440kVA/kW with Dual Constant Power Voltage Range

The AZX series supports both low and high volrtage ranges for AC or DC. Test accurately with seamless transition of voltage ranges. The constant power voltage range for both higher current at lower voltage and higher voltages at lower currents eliminating the need to switch between voltage ranges. This prevents potential disruptions in output power.

Mobile-friendly, parallelable cabinets make it easy for set up and reconfiguration.

  • Increase power when needed to meet future test requirements.
  • Reduced downtime. Modularity increases up time during service and maintenance of individual cabinets. 
  • Top air-cooled vents allow the units to be placed against a wall or back-to-back to maximize floor space.
AGX Regen AC-DC Source Triple Cabinets

Power Hardware-in-the-Loop with High-Speed Analog I/O

The AZX Series provides integrated test system design with a standard suite of analog and digital I/O functions. The user can assign command macros or setting parameters to analog or digital I/O pins as needed. This provides a unique level of customization for putting together sophisticated test stations.

While analog inputs and outputs are standard on all AZX modes, for real-time Power Hardware in the Loop (HIL) Grid simulation applications, the AZX offers an optional high speed set of analog inputs and outputs with fast output response. By adding the H Option, the AZX can be used as an amplifier for PHIL Applications. This analog interface provides high speed input for controlling frequency, voltage or current and waveshape. Voltage and Current output capture signals are returned to the Real Time Simulation System.

AZX Power Amplifier Power Hardware in the Loop - PHIL 2

Flexible Output Configuration for Testing Wide-Range of Conditions

Simultaneous AC and DC operation of modes per phase(or channel), and the automatic switching of output modes provides test engineers with a unique capability and the highest degree of flexibility. AC, DC, (AC+DC optional) output configurations are available in single, split, three phase and multi-channels with optional isolated neutrals in AC and DC.

Full galvanic isolation from facility AC input to output and between output phases/channels also protects the user and the UUT.  

Regenerative Grid Simulator - Flexible AC DC Output Configurations

Easily Generate Harmonics & Inter-Harmonic Waveforms

The Regenerative AC DC Source – AZX Series has a built-in waveform digitizer and scope with fast transient capabilities at 100us time resolution supporting LIST, PULSE and STEP modes.  Waveform generation includes ten Standard, Sine, Square, Triangle, Clipped and Harmonics (and inter-harmonics option).

Regenerative AC Power Source Program Transients

Simplify Testing with SmartSource Suite Remote Control Platform

Built-in SmartSource Suite Remote Control Platform

Pacific Power Source’s SmartSource Suite provides full remote control, development, and execution of test sequences in real-time. 

Intelligently monitor, control, and manage testing using the intuitive embedded web browser interface on any mobile device

SmartSource Suite Program Web Interface

Models Table

Model (1) Rated Power (W/VA) Output Form Output Volts (Vac/Vdc) Output Amps/Phs (Aac/Adc) AC Input (2) Units/Height Weight (Kg/Lbs)
Cabinet Systems
3300AZX 30000 1,2,3 Ø 440 VLN / ±650 Vdc
225VLN / ±335 Vdc
45Arms/ 30Adc
90Arms / 60Adc
1 / 60″ 517/1140
3450AZX 45000 1,2,3 Ø 440 VLN / ±650 Vdc
225VLN / ±335 Vdc
65Arms/ 40Adc
110Arms / 80Adc
1 / 60″ 517/1140
3550AZX 55000 1,2,3 Ø 440 VLN / ±650 Vdc
225VLN / ±335 Vdc
75Arms/ 50Adc
130Arms / 100Adc
1 / 60″ 517/1140
3900AZX 90000 1,2,3 Ø 440 VLN / ±650 Vdc
225VLN / ±335 Vdc
130Arms/ 80Adc
220Arms / 160Adc
2 / 60″ 1034/2280
31100AZX 110000 1,2,3 Ø 440 VLN / ±650 Vdc
225VLN / ±335 Vdc
150Arms/ 100Adc
260Arms / 200Adc
2 / 60″ 1034/2280
31650AZX 165000 1,2,3 Ø 440 VLN / ±650 Vdc
225VLN / ±335 Vdc
225Arms/ 150Adc
390Arms / 300Adc
3 / 60″ 1551/3420
32200AZX 220000 1,2,3 Ø 440 VLN / ±650 Vdc
225VLN / ±335 Vdc
300Arms/ 200Adc
520Arms / 400Adc
4 / 60″ 2068/4560
Note: In Split Phase mode, rated power is 30kVA/30kW for 3300AZX, 33kVA for 3450AZX & 36.7 kVA for 3550AZX Models.


Key Features

Design Provides Total Control of AC and DC Power

AZX Series Operating Features

Continuous Self Calibration:

Provides for exceptional accuracy of the AC or DC output Voltage. When enabled, accuracy improves to ±0.02% referenced to the power source internal voltmeter.

Dual Voltage Ranges with Constant Power Operation:

Select between 225Vac LN or 440Vac LN voltage ranges for optimal power delivery at any voltage.

Waveform Library:

Up to 200 different waveforms can be stored in the waveform library for execution as part of a steady state program or for substitution in any output phase as part of a transient test program. Memory location #1 is a non-editable high resolution sine wave. Locations 2-200 are editable and can be substituted in any output phase. An unlimited number of waveforms may be stored on external memory using the available PPSC Manager Windows software.

Time Based Transients:

Create and execute transients that occur over a specified time segment to modify the output waveform, voltage, and frequency for any or all phases. LIST, PULSE and STEP Transient modes are supported.
An output trigger is provided for synchronizing external test equipment to the actual transient event.

Cycle Based Transients:

Create and execute transients that substitute a waveform in any or all phases for 1 to 100 cycles. The waveform being substituted can be selected and/or modified from the waveform library.


Regenerative AC or DC Test Power:

The AZX Series Power Source can both source and sink current and power from an EUT. Thus, it acts as a Grid Simulator for testing of grid connected, energy producing products like PV Inverters or bidirectional EV Chargers. In DC mode, the AZX can be used to charge and discharge large battery packs up to 650Vdc with the addition of the Electronic Load Option L.

AC+DC Test Power:

Special test requirements such the application of a DC offset on an AC line or AC ripple on a DC supply output are supported by selecting the AC+DC Mode of operation.

Frequency/Voltage Conversion:

The AZX Series is an excellent source of stable AC voltage over the frequency range of 15 to 1,000 Hz. The output frequency is accurate to 0.01%.

Phase Conversion:

With the ability to provide singe, split and three-phase outputs, the AZX Series is the well suited to provide 1 Phase to 2 or 3 Phase or 3 Phase to 1 Phase conversion for large AC loads

Electronic Load Option:

The AZX power source can be used as an electronic load by adding the “L” option. With this option, full electronic load capabilities are added in both AC and DC mode. Regenerative Loads save cost by reducing electricity use and heat generation. They also allow testing of higher power EUTs as most of the power sent to the AZX load is regenerated back on the grid so the test lab power feed only has to cover the losses of the test equipment used and the EUT.
Supported Load Modes are Constant Current (CC), Constant Resistive (CR), Constant Power (CP) and Circuit Emulation (CE). Voltage, power and current ranges remain the same as in Voltage Source or Current Source modes.

Multiple, Easy to Use Control Options:

The AZX Series controller offers both manual and full programmable control. Front panel operation is menu driven using a combination of direct access menu keys to the left of the large color display, five soft keys located on the right of the display as well as a color touch screen. The rotary knob can be used to scroll through menu fields and doubles as an ENTER key. The same knob allows for slewing of output parameters. A full decimal keypad is provided as well for direct parameter entry. The AZX can also be operated remotely from one of its included remote interfaces. Using the SmartSource Suite embedded web server, easily operate and control the test system from a web browser via LAN or USB.


Power Source Specifications

Output Frequency:

DC,15 to 1,000 Hz.

Phase Output Modes:

Single (1), Split (2) and Three Phase (3)

DC Voltage Range:

Low Range: 0 ~ ±335 Vdc Constant Power Mode
High Range: 0 ~ ±650 Vdc Constant Power Mode

Output Modes:


AC Voltage Ranges:

Low Range: 0 ~ 225 Vrms L-N / 0-390Vrms L-L Constant Power Mode High Range: 0 ~ 440 Vrms L-N / 0-760Vrms L-L Constant Power Mode

Programmable Impedance:

Resistive -10 Ohm to +10 Ohm, Inductive 0 to 2 mH

Mechanical Specifications

All AZX models are cabinet systems with rear panel terminal blocks for AC input and AC or DC Output connections. Cabinets are on lockable casters so they can be moved around easily if needed.

Form Factor:

Floor standing cabinet on casters.

Height /Depth:

Approximately 60/ 32 inches


24 inches per cabinet.


Front forced air intake with top exhaust. Automatic Fan Speed Control for low acoustic noise and extended fan life.

Expanding the AC Power Source into an Automated Test System

Pacific’s line of Smartsource® AC Power Sources enable engineers to easily automate their testing by using industry standard software development environments. The AZX series offers standard Ethernet/LAN connectivity, a browser interface, LXI compliance (LAN extensions for Instruments) to ensure inter operability with other LXI instruments and IVI (Interchangeable Virtual Instrument) driver to speed up ATE test program development.


Regenerative AC Source with PHIL - AZX Series Front View

3550AZX Regenerative AC & DC Power Source

AGX Regen AC-DC Source Triple Cabinets

AZX Parallel System

Available Transient Programming Modes

Programmable Load Power Factor from -1 to +1

Available Load Option Circuit Emulation Modes

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AZX Series Overview Video

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