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Pacific Power Source designs and manufactures both linear and switched mode (PWM) AC Power Sources. We provide technically advanced, reliable, and cost effective standard and custom precision programmable AC Power Solutions that feature fast transient response, tight regulation, high peak current capability, no switching noise (linear) and low switching noise (PWM switching) models and low output impedance.

Linear AC Power Sources

Our Linear AC Power Sources  (New LMX Series and Legacy AMX Series) produce low-distortion, high fidelity, output waveforms. The advantage of linear amplification is its ability to faithfully reproduce oscillator waveforms with very high small signal bandwidth and low output distortion.

PWM AC Power Sources

LSX Series, ADF SeriesAFX Series, AZX Series and MS Series offer very good power density, high efficiency, and perform well into low power factor loads. They use a combination of both linear and non-linear methods to achieve high efficiency conversion in lighter and smaller packages.

For detailed product information, click on the “View this Series” shown under each product family listed below or Contact Us Directly or Try Our Live Chat. Pacific Power Source’s Application Engineers are available to discuss your AC Power Requirements and help in selecting the right power source for your application.

upcmanagerlageUPC Studio & PPSC Manager Software

Pacific Power Source’s UPC Studio and the all new PPSC Software (for AFX series only) allows exceptional Control of your Pacific AC Power Source.

Want to rent any of our products instead of purchasing?

Pacific Power Source has a special arrangement with PPST Solutions, Inc. to provide rental services.

Choose the Right Programmable AC and/or DC Power Source for your Application


Fully featured, switch-mode AC Power sources.  Cost effective and fully programmable for both basic frequency conversion and power line disturbance test applications.

Power: 1500VA to 6000VA
Form: 1, 2, and 3 phase dedicated or selectable
Voltage: 0 up to 600VAC
Frequency: 15 to 1200Hz.


High performance linear AC power sources combining  fast transient response time & high current crest factor with extremely low output impedance & distortion.

Power: 500VA to 30kVA
Form: 1, 2, and 3 phase dedicated or selectable
Voltage: 0 up to 600VAC
Frequency: 15 to 5,000Hz.


3150AFX AC & DC Power Source

High Power, digital control, solid-state AC Power Sources. Available in power levels from 15 kVA to 90 kVA.

Power: 15kVA to 90kVA
Form: 1 phase or  2 and 3 phase output modes
Voltage: 0 up to 300V L-N / 520V L-L
Frequency: 45-500Hz


3150AFX AC & DC Power Source

High Power, digital control, solid-state AC, DC and AC+DC Power Sources. Available in power levels from 6 kVA to 150 kVA.

Power: 6kVA to 180kVA+
Form: 1, 2, and 3 phase output
Voltage: 0 up to 333Vac L-N/576Vac L-L or 425Vdc
Frequency: DC, 1-3000Hz



Regenerative High Power AC, DC and AC+DC Power Sources. Available in power levels from 30 kVA to 200kVA. Returns energy back to AC grid when sinking power.

Power: 30kVA to 200kVA+
Form: 1, 2 and 3 phase output
Voltage: 0 to 440Vac L-N/760Vac L-L
Frequency: DC, 1-15Hz, 15-1000Hz


PPS ECTS2-3900F+EPTS-3-100A_Direct_Front

EMC Harmonics, Flicker and Immunity Test System. Available in power levels from 800VA to 100kVA.

Power: 600VA to 100kVA+
Form: 1, 2, and 3 phase output
Voltage: 0 up to 440Vac L-N/762Vac L-L or ±650Vdc
Frequency: DC, 15-1000Hz


High Power solid-state AC Power Source/Frequency converter. Up to 10 MS series cabinets can be paralleled in the field to form a 625kVA/500kW system.

Power: 62.5kVA to 625kVA
Form: 1, 2, or 3 phase dedicated
Voltage: 0 up to 600V (optional)
Frequency: 20-500Hz (1000Hz. optional)

Find the Series That Best Fits Your Needs

Test power - GPIB/RS-232
EMC Harmonics & Flicker and Immunity Test
USB and LAN with LXI Compliance
Manual Control
Power Line Disturbance Test - Transients/Custom Waveforms
Lab Frequency/Voltage Converter
AC+DC or DC PowerTest
Facility Frequency/Voltage Converter
High Frequency (Up to 5kHz)
High Crest Factor (Up to 6:1Cf)
High Efficiency (85-90% typical)
Low Power Factor Load (0-1Pf)
Linear Technology
Switching Technology
Field Parallelable
Modular Design
Custom Applications
Full power Single or Three Phase