Regenerative AC & DC Sources & Loads

The Industry’s Most Flexible, High Performing, and Intelligent Regenerative Series

Regenerative Power for Bidirectional Applications

Pacific Power Source’s wide range of SmartRegen® solutions are ideal for simulating regenerative AC/DC power sources and loads for testing bidirectional applications. 

AGX, RGS, RLS Series

AGX Regenerative AC-DC Power Source - Front View

This product family has a high-power density with up to 21kVA / kW in a single 4U chassis.

AZX, GSZ, ELZ Series

Regenerative AC Source with PHIL - AZX Series

This product family supports higher power with 3 powerful DSP controllers for testing advanced applications and a dual voltage range. 

Key Benefits

Over 90% Energy Efficiency

Regenerative capability returns > 90% energy back to the facility or grid. Source and sink power to simulate bidirectional power.

Seamless Constant Power

A single Constant Power provides seamless testing between voltage ranges without interruption of output power.

Scale Power as Needed

Modular power provides future-proofing. Add or upgrade existing modules later with our PowerFlex program.

Ultra-Flexible Output Configuration

Simultaneous AC and DC operation per phase AND automatic switching of outputs provides extensive flexibility.

High-Tech Design

Full galvanic isolation protects the user and the UUT. SiC design provides high efficiency and dynamic performance.

Emulate Real-World Conditions

Accurately simulate power flows with wide range of voltage, high current, frequency, and phase combinations.

Safe & Easy to Use

Multiple control options, intuitive user interface, powerful waveform tools, and simplified set-up saves time. Built-in SmartSource safety intelligence.

SmartSource Suite Remote Control

Embedded Real-Time Remote Control Platform to create & run test programs.

All-in-1 AC DC Power Source and Load

AGX Series / AZX Series

All-in-1 Regen 4 Quadrant AC/DC Power Source

These fully regenerative 4-quadrant AC and DC power sources can function as an AC power source, DC power supply, current source, and AC/DC load. These multi-functional units provide AC, DC, and AC+DC output capability. The AGX Series has an extended frequency range up to 3000Hz. 

RGS Series / GSZ Series

2-in-1 Regenerative Grid Simulator & Optional Load

These next generation ‘2-in-1’ grid simulators are designed for the testing and verification of all grid-tied applications. Emulate almost any grid condition and test to regulatory compliance standards such as IEEE 1547, UL 1741, IEC 61000-3, IEC 61000-4, and more.

Regenerative Grid Simulators 2-in-1
Regenerative 4 Quadrant Load Diagram

RLS Series / ELZ Series

Regenerative 4 Quadrant AC/DC Electronic Load

This four-quadrant AC and DC electronic load is designed for testing any AC and DC load applications. The loads features several AC and DC emulation modes and provides flexible configurations of single, split and 3-phase operation, and steady-state or transient execution.  

SmartSource Suite, Built-In

Simplify Test with Smart Tools

Our embedded proprietary SmartSource Suite remote control platform provides the most advanced real-time control and analysis on the market today. Fully develop and execute test sequences using the intuitive web browser interface, reducing testing time. 

SmartSource Suite Test Program Web Interface

Innovate the Way You Test

Our mission is to innovate how you test with smart power to make it simpler, safer, more productive, and sustainable.

Flexibility, High Performance, and Intelligence

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