MS Series – AC Power Converter

Solid-State AC Power Converter

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Parallel up to 62.5kVA AC Power Converters

Pacific’s unique master/slave configuration allows up to ten 62.5 kVA AC power converter mainframes to be paralleled in the field. Any mainframe may be designated as the master. A failed unit is automatically disconnected from the power grid providing unmatched mission reliability.

Pacific’s MS-Series Power Source Systems Feature

  • Maximum system reliability
  • Rugged, powerful output
  • Lower installation cost
  • All frequency operation
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Facility/test power flexibility
  • Unmatched performance/price ratio
  • Simple display and diagnostics

Key Features

Solid State Technology with Unmatched Price/Performance Ratio

Pacific MS-Series is a family of High Performance Line Conditioners/Frequency Converters that provides highly flexible, yet reliable, AC power ranging from 62.5 to 625 kVA. Using field-proven double conversion methods, the MS-Series offers unmatched power quality without sacrificing size or efficiency.
Input AC power is rectified to DC by a special input power supply section. This minimizes input current distortion and prevents the load power factor from reflecting back onto the utility line. The DC is then converted back to AC by a high frequency, solid state, pulse-width modulated switchmode inverter under the control of a highly stable digital oscillator. The result is exceptional system performance with maximum reliability.

Rugged, Powerful Output:

  • 350 Amps of Pulse Current is delivered by each 3060-MS for driving non-linear loads. This eliminates the need to oversize power equirements as is common to rotary or low quality PWM power systems.
  • Load Power Factor is not an issue. The 3060-MS will drive virtually any load without damage or risk.
  • Excellent Regulation and response time eliminates load cross talk. Voltage sags common to other conversion methods are eliminated with 150 microsecond response time to a 50% load step. The output recovers to ± 3% of nominal within less than 1/10th of a cycle at 400 Hz.

Facility/Test Power Flexibility:

  • Power Levels Grow with demand. Units may be added or removed from the power grid as required.
  • Variable Frequency range of 47-500 Hz, as well as switch selectable fixed frequency operation of 50, 60 or 400 Hz is standard on every model (800Hz optional contact factory for more information).
  • External Input is provided as a standard feature. This allows operation as a variable frequency test power amplifier.
  • UPC-32 Programmable Controller Option is available to provide steady state and transient control of output power from the RS-232 or GPIB bus. Compatibility with UPC Studio graphical user interface.

Maximum Reliability:

  • Each 3060-MS is capable of operating as either the master or slave in a multi-cabinet parallel system. Calculated single cabinet MTBF is greater than five years.
  • Mission Reliability is assured. The parallel system architecture is such that a failed slave unit automatically removes itself from the power grid. Should the master unit fail, the operator can select any other paralleled unit as the new master from the front panel and restore system operation.

Simple/Informative Display:

  • Measures volts, amps, watts and kVA for each input and output phase.
  • Efficiency is continuously monitored allowing system performance verification.
  • Internal Diagnostics assist in quickly locating failed components resulting in extremely low MTTR.
  • Power Generation circuits are separate from display and diagnostics. A failure in the display logic will not affect output power quality. Output power cannot be interrupted by system interrogation. 
  • Audible and Visual Alarms alert the operator to any conditions requiring attention.

Low Cost Ownership:

  • Lower Maintenance Costs are achieved through built-in diagnostics that minimize MTTR. Quick and easy repair is facilitated with a small complement of local spares.
  • Input Power Factor is a constant 0.95 lagging, regardless of load. The MS Series actually corrects PF reflected back to the utility, eliminating PF penalties.
  • Low Installation Cost. The MS Series fits through standard doorways. Audible noise is limited to cooling fans. There is no 400 Hz whine that requires noise isolation. Solid state design with a forklift base eliminates the need for concrete pads and vibration isolators common to rotary installations.

Additional Features:

  • Run time meter
  • Auto restart
  • RS-232 serial port for remote monitoring and diagnostics
  • Programmable voltage & frequency alarm set points
  • Local automatic gain control. Remote sense optional


MS Series

The rugged reliability of the MS Series and the ease with which two or more MS cabinets can be paralleled to create high power solid state conversion AC power systems has resulted in its wide spread use for production test, certification test and R&D applications in Commercial as well as Avionics Industries.

Transformer Test:

Grid-Tied Inverter Test (Solar and Wind):

Production and Compliance Test of High Power Products:

Facility Power:

Avionics Bus Simulation and Compliance Test:


Electrical Specifications – Output


62.5kVA/50kW for each 3060-MS.


0-120/208, 3 phase. May be loaded either WYE or Delta. Other voltages are available as an option.


175 Arms per phase continuous. 350Apk per phase for non-linear loads.

Load Transient Response and Recovery Time:

150 microseconds for 50% load step and 300 microseconds for 100% load step.

Load Power Factor:

Any. Unit delivers full rated kVA into any power factor.

Load Balance Restrictions:

None. Each phase is independently regulated.


Input is fully isolated from output and frame ground.


Integral electronic current limiting with auto recovery. Output CB optional.

Electrical Specifications – Input


Universal input transformer with provisions for 208, 240, 380 and 480VAC, 3 phase + 10%.


47-63 Hz.

Physical Specifications


36″W x 30″D x 72″H (see diagram).


1600 lbs., Approximately 1700 lbs. shipping weight.


85 to 90%.


MS Front

Parallel 3060MS System at a Customer Location

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