New Enhanced A version AFX Series

IRVINE, Calif. – May. 1, 2018 – Pacific Power Source, a world leader in high-performance AC power sources and power conversion equipment, has released an enhanced version of its widely successful AFX Series programmable AC, DC and AC+DC power source family. The new “A” version expands on its predecessor by expanding voltage and frequency output ranges significantly and, at the same time, adding a large number of new, programmable features and functions. Among those are both analog and digital I/O functions that raise the level of ATE and test integration applications capabilities of the AFX Series.

The new A version extends the output voltage range to 333Vac line-to-neutral or 576Vac line-to-line in three phase output mode.  This allows high-line testing for 480V 3-phase product up to 120% of nominal grid voltage. If even higher output voltages are needed, the newly added Transformer output option raises the output voltage to 400Vac line-to-neutral or 692Vac line-to-line with higher output ranges available to 1000Vac line-to-line.  Other enhancements include an extended programmable frequency range from as low as one Hertz and as high as 3,000 Hertz. This opens up a new range of unique applications that can now be supported by the AFX Series.

Also new on the A version units are measurement functions like time-domain waveform capture of voltage and or current, harmonics analysis and distortion measurement of same. A programmable output impedance function has been added as well.

The AFX Series is available in power output ratings from 6kVA up to 150kVA. Models up to 15kVA require only 4U or seven inches of rack space, making the AFX Series the highest power density programmable AC and DC source on the market today. All models are based on a proprietary, all-digital, power conversion technology platform that supports a set of formerly unavailable features and capabilities used in programmable power sources. These include a direct-coupled output that allows for AC output, DC output or AC+DC combined output modes.

All AFX Series power sources feature active power corrected AC inputs with a wide input voltage range that can be deployed anywhere in the world. Voltage, waveform, current, power, phase and frequency are all programmable with 100 non-volatile setups and 200 arbitrary waveforms as needed that can be stored for quick recall as part of a test protocol to reduce remote control overhead.

Features and capabilities that carry over from the original AFX Series include compatibility with the Pacific Power PPSC Manager Windows control software and support for the extensive available library of IEC, Avionics and Military avionics compliance test standards. Also expanded is the embedded LXI compliant web server, which supports all new A-Version features through a web browser interface.

Existing AFX Series customers can gain access to most of these new features and functions that are available on the A-version by updating the firmware on their existing power sources. This is accomplished remotely via the internet at no cost to the customer.  This further reflects Pacific Power Source’s commitment to add value to its products over time for both new and existing customers.

“The new enhanced A version AFX power source models are uniquely positioned to address increasing demands for product development and test of leading product areas like EV Chargers, Server Power Supplies & Data Center Applications and Solar Inverters where power test level requirements are increasing all the time. The available power levels from 6kW to 150kW of the AFX Series and its rich feature set are a perfect fit to many of these applications,” said Eric Lord, Sales Manager for Pacific Power Source. “The compact and cost-effective 3150AFX technology platform will meet both current and future power needs for our customers. And with standard support for LAN, SCPI command syntax, IVI instrument drivers, LXI compliance and extensive analog and digital I/O, it allows easy integration into both new and existing test platforms.”

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