Regenerative AC/DC Power Source – AGX Series

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The All-in-1 Regenerative AC/DC Power Source, Current Source, and Load

This ‘All-in-One’ test solution can be used as a fully programmable AC/DC power source, current source, power supply and electronic load featuring AC, DC, and AC+DC output capability and an extended frequency range up to 3000Hz.This flexible, high performing, and intelligent test system makes it the ideal choice for all AC and DC regenerative power applications.
Key Features

Programmable AC & DC Power Source in 4 Quadrant Operation

The AGX Series consists of a range of High Power Switching AC, DC and AC+DC capable Power Sources covering a power range from 6kVA/kW to 21kVA/kW in single 4U chassis. Parallel multiple units up to 168kVA/kW or dual cabinets up to 252kVA/kW.  The AGX provides four-quadrant operation for both sourcing and sinking of AC or DC power.  Operating modes include single, split and three phase output (source) or input (electronic load) configurations.  

Test Applications

Applications include aerospace & Defense Power and Compliance Testing; EV Charging, On Board Chargers (OBC), V2G, V2H and V2X; Solar PV/Grid-Tied Inverters; Energy Storage Systems (ESS), Home ESS; Smart-Grid Simulation; EMC Compliance Testing. The All-in-1 AGX is a powerful tool that can can address simple, manually controlled frequency conversion to harmonic immunity testing and sophisticated transient simulation.

Constant Power Voltage Range

A single constant power voltage range for both higher current at lower voltage and higher voltages at lower currents eliminating the need to switch between voltage ranges. This prevents potential disruptions in power.

Exceptionally High Current

The AGX Regenerative AC/DC Power Source provides a broader range of current eliminating the risk of over or under sizing the power source. This reduces the need for additional capital investment. The diagram to the right illustrates the AGX’s capability to provide 20% more current from 120V to 200V when compared to a typical unit that maxes out at 35A/phase.

Wide Frequency Range with Extended Option up to 3000Hz

The AGX has a wide output frequency range which provides ultra flexibility. Standard range from 15Hz to 1200Hz. This is ideal for avionics and defense applications that require both 400Hz steady state frequency as well as 360Hz to 800Hz wild frequency ranges. The AGX also offers extended frequency range from 1Hz to 3000Hz.

Simultaneous AC & DC Operation on Single Phases

Simultaneous AC and DC load operation of modes per phase(or channel), and the automatic switching of output modes provides test engineers with a unique capability and the highest degree of flexibility. AC, DC output configurations are available in single, split, three phase and multi-channels with optional isolated neutrals in AC and DC. Full galvanic isolation from facility AC input to output and between output phases/channels also protects the user and the UUT.  

Optional AC/DC Regenerative Load Reduces Capital Costs

The “L” Option adds Regenerative Electronic Load capability providing several AC and DC operating modes to push the boundaries of test environment. Simulate linear and non-linear loads (rectified), inductive and capacitive loads. AC Modes: Constant Current, Constant Power & Apparent Power, Constant Resistance, Constant Voltage, CC+CR, CC / CS Rectifier Mode 1ø & 3ø DC Modes: Constant Current, Constant Power, Constant Resistance, Constant Voltage, CR+CC

Simplify Testing with SmartSource Suite Remote Control Platform

Built-in SmartSource Suite Remote Control Platform Pacific Power Source’s SmartSource Suite provides full remote control, development, and execution of test sequences in real-time. Intelligently monitor, control, and manage testing using the intuitive embedded web browser interface on any mobile device.

Models Table

Model Rated Power (VA) Output Form Voltage Ranges
Current 2
Input power form (3) rack height
Bench or Rack Mount Models
360AGX 6000 1,2,3 Ø 350 (L-N)/
16.7 / 8.3 4U
390AGX 9000 1,2,3 Ø 350 (L-N)/
25.0 / 12.6 4U
3120AGX 12000 1,2,3 Ø 350 (L-N)/
33.3 / 16.7 4U
3150AGX 15000 1,2,3 Ø 350 (L-N)/
41.7 / 21.0 4U
3180AGX 18000 1,2,3 Ø 350 (L-N)/
41.7 / 21.0 4U
3210AGX 21000 1,2,3 Ø 350 (L-N)/
41.7 / 21.0 4U
Model Rated Power (VA) Output Form Voltage Ranges
Current 2
Input power form (3) rack height weight (lbs/kg)
Parallel Systems
3240AGX-KIT 24000 2,3 Ø 350 (L-N)/
66.7 / 33.3 8U 224/110
3300AGX-KIT 30000 2,3 Ø 350 (L-N)/
83.3 / 42.0c 8U 224/110
3360AGX-KIT 36000 2,3 Ø 350 (L-N)/
83.3 / 42.0 8U 224/110
3420AGX-KIT 42000 2,3 Ø 350 (L-N)/
83.3 / 42.0 8U 224/110
3630AGX-KIT 63000 2,3 Ø 350 (L-N)/
125.0 / 62.5 12U 336/153
3840AGX-KIT 84000 2,3 Ø 350 (L-N)/
166.7 / 83.3 16U 448/204
31050AGX-KIT 105000 2,3 Ø 350 (L-N)/
208.3 / 104.0 20U 560/255


Key Features

Key Features Provide Application Versatility

Energy Recovery to Power Grid Supports a Sustainable Energy Future

Special AGX Series Operating Features

Voltage Source Mode:

In AC mode, the AGX simulates any AC power grid found around the world through its wide voltage and frequency operating range. Both sourcing and sinking of full power is supported.In DC mode, the AGX provides a higher power, single, dual or triple DC rail power supply with bidirectional DC current flow and bipolar voltage ranges.

Electronic Load Mode Option:

With this option, the AGX turns into an AC or DC electronic programmable load with 4-Quadrant capability so both true and apparent power can be drawn with programmable control over power factor, current crest factor, current waveshape etc. Instead of dissipating the energy received from the unit under test, the AGX load returns up to 90% of the absorbed energy back to the grid.

Time and Cycle Based Transients:

Create and execute transients that occur over a specified time segment or number of cycles to modify the output waveform, voltage, and frequency for any or all phases. An output trigger is provided for synchronizing external test equipment to the actual transient event.

Phase Conversion:

With the ability to provide single, split and three-phase outputs, the AGX Series is the perfect choice to provide 1 Phase to 2 or 3 Phase or 3 Phase to 1 Phase conversion.

Current Source Mode:

The AGX in Current Source mode allows precision control of AC or DC currents as well as using non sinusoidal DC current simulations for AC applications.

Continuous Self Calibration:

Provides exceptional accuracy of the AC or DC output Voltage. When enabled, accuracy improves to ±0.02% referenced to the power source internal voltmeter.

Waveform Library:

Up to 200 different waveforms can be stored in the waveform library for execution as part of a steady state program or for substitution in any output phase as part of a transient test program. Memory location #1 is a non-editable high resolution sine wave. Locations 2 and higher are editable and can be substituted in any output phase. An unlimited number of waveforms may be stored on the computer using the Web browser interface.

Frequency/Voltage Conversion:

The AGX Series is an excellent source of stable AC voltage over the frequency range of 1 to 3,000 Hz. The output frequency is accurate to 0.01%.


The AGX Series controller offers both manual and full programmable control. Front panel operation is menu driven using a combination of direct access menu keys to the left of the large color display and 5 soft keys located on the right of the display. The rotary knob can be used to scroll through menu fields and doubles as an ENTER key. The same knob allows for slewing of output parameters. A full decimal keypad is provided as well for direct parameter entry. The AGX can also be operated remotely from one of its included remote interfaces. Operation from a web browser via LAN or USB is also supported through the embedded web server of the AGX.

Protective Transit Cases for Mobile Applications

Pacific Power Source offers rugged transit cases to protect your AC Source from adverse environmental conditions for mobile and/or military applications.

Specific benefits:

Available for following AGX models:

5U Size Case: 360AGX, 390AGX, 3120AGX, 3150AGX, 3180AGX, 3210AGX


AC Voltage Source Applications:

In AC mode, the AGX simulates any AC power grid found around the world through its wide voltage and frequency operating range. Both sourcing and sinking of full power is supported.

DC Power Supply Applications:

In DC mode, the AGX provides a higher power, single, dual or triple DC rail power supply with bidirectional DC current flow and bipolar voltage ranges. This allows testing of bipolar DC bus input products found in emerging avionics products like all electric airplanes. The regenerative nature of the AGX is beneficial for testing DC motors that can send power back into the DC supply when breaking or slowing down.

Current Source Applications:

Setting the AGX to Current Source mode allows testing of AC and or DC circuit protection devices such as Circuit breakers, Fuses, and other power protection and switch gear. Other examples include relays, satellite components, and power meters.

Electronic Load Mode Applications:

With this option, the AGX turns into an AC or DC electronic programmable AC or DC load with 4-Quadrant capability. This mode allows for realistic test scenarios and a more energy efficient test process. Application examples include Electric Vehicle bidirectional on-board chargers (OBC), DC-DC converters between the HV battery and 12Vdc or 48Vdc subsystems. In DC mode, load mode is available to sink DC current for battery discharging or for testing regenerative breaking subsystems.


Power Source Specifications

Output Frequency:

DC, 15 to 1200 Hz, 1 to 3,000 Hz range with derating.

DC Voltage Range:

0 – 480 Vdc Constant Power Mode.

Output Modes:

Source: AC, DC, AC+DC, DC+AC
Load: AC, DC, AC+DC, DC+AC

Phase Output Forms:

Single (1), Split (2) and Three Phase (3) Forms Dual, Tripple, 2+1 Forms

AC Voltage Range:

0 – 350 Vrms L-N / 0-606 Vrms L-L

Programmable Impedance:

Resistive -10 Ohm to +10 Ohm, Inductive 0 to 2 mH

Mechanical Specifications

All AGX models are designed for operation in 19-inch equipment racks. Models above 21 kVA require parallel operating of one AGX Master unit and one or more auxiliary no-controller (NC) units. Models 3300AGX through 310500AGX are available as cabinet systems with all internal input and output wiring, terminal blocks and parallel connections included.


Standard 19 inch rack. Slide rails are available as an option for all AGX units.


See model table for panel or cabinet height.


Approximately 25 inch, from the front panel to the rear of the chassis.


Front forced air intake with rear exhaust. Automatic Fan Speed Control for low acoustic noise and extended fan life. The available energy saving sleep modes of the AGX result in low power consumption during idle periods and extend the life of the product.

Expanding the AC Power Source into an Automated Test System

Pacific’s line of SmartRegen® AC Power Sources enables engineers to easily automate their testing by using industry standard software development environments. The AGX series offers standard Ethernet/LAN connectivity, a browser interface, LXI compliance (LAN extensions for Instruments) to ensure inter-operability with other LXI instruments and IVI (Interchangeable Virtual Instrument) driver to speed up ATE test program development.


Brochures & Manuals

Product Brochure:

Download brochure to review product details.

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