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G Series – Linear AC Power Source

Switch Selectable AC Power for the Most Demanding Applications

The G Series provides switch selectable AC Power for the most demanding applications. G Series Systems are readily configurable as frequency converters, line conditioners and programmable test systems. Power modules provide output frequencies up to 2,000 Hz (5,000 Hz optional). Modules have excellent peak current capability and are short circuit protected with auto recovery.

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Switch Selectable AC Power for the Most Demanding Applications

  • Programmable AC test power, 45 to 5000 Hz
  • Power line susceptibility tests: spike, sag, surge
  • Flexible, expandable lab power
  • Precision frequency conversion
  • Precision Performance
  • Design Excellence
  • Unmatched Flexibility

If you are unwilling to compromise your power quality and reliability, consider the power source that has proven itself in thousands of demanding applications – Pacific G-Series.

The simple design concepts used in Pacific’s G-Series equipment have resulted in continuous application expansion since product inception. Exceptional reliability and serviceability are a hallmark of G-Series equipment and have placed G-Series in the most demanding applications for AC Power in the world.

The Controller provides very sophisticated BUS programmable transient simulations for a wide range of applications.

Power modules provide output frequencies up to 2,000 Hz (5,000Hz optional). Modules have excellent peak current capability and are short circuit protected with auto recovery.

Power modules utilize linear power amplifier technology to provide high quality power and microsecond response to controller stimulus and load power demand.

Output autotransformers provide a broad range of output power forms with exceptionally high performance for faithful transient simulation.

Power modules operate in single or three phase mode as driven by the controller.

Power modules contain redundant output devices which are electronically disconnected from system output if failed. Identification of suspect module is made through service lamps and diagnostic meter on each power module. Power modules themselves are redundant and can be replaced on-line without shutting down output power.

G-Series Systems may vary in power from 18 to 90 kVA.

Universal, wide range input magnetics include tap options for common power forms found throughout the world.

System Configuration

G-Series Systems are readily configurable as frequency converters, line conditioners and programmable test systems.
The basic building block of a G-Series AC Power System is the mainframe. The mainframe consists of the cabinet and AC to DC power supply. Up to five mainframes may be paralleled to increase system output power up to 90 kVA.

Each Pacific power source is burned in and meticulously tested before it can leave the Pacific factory. With close attention to detail, handcrafted workmanship comes through with every system delivered.

Due to its modular design, failed device disconnect circuitry, and on-line module replacement, Pacific G-Series Systems are unmatched in reliability and ease of service.

Models Table

Standard Models are complete systems ready for use, including cabinets, oscillators, input circuit breakers and output contactors. Use model designations below to design the system that is right for your application.

Key Features

Special Features Available with the SCU/UPC 32 Programmable Controller

Continuous Self Calibration

Provides for exceptional accuracy of the AC output Voltage. When enabled, accuracy improves to ±0.03% referenced to the power source internal voltmeter.

Programmable Dynamic Output Impedance (optional)

Programmable Output Impedance provides dynamic control over the output impedance of the AC Power Source. Using the output current term as conditioned feedback signal to the output voltage circuits, positive or negative impedance may be programmed. This control simulates the effects of or compensates for high peak current, distribution, or transformer losses of up to ±10% of the output voltage.

This feature creates positive, negative, or zero output impedance (Zo).

  • Compensates for line distribution or transformer losses.
  • Simulates a soft power line for product testing. Compensation range is ±10% of the output voltage.
Waveform Library

Up to 99 different waveforms may be stored in the waveform library for execution as part of a steady state test program or for substitution in any output phase as part of a transient test program. Memory location #1 is a non-editable high resolution sine wave. Locations 2-16 are editable and may be substituted in any output phase. Locations 17-32 are factory stored, non editable waveforms that may be copied to 2-16 for edit and execution.

Waveform Edit

Provides the ability to modify a stored waveform by specifying the waveform amplitude desired at each specific phase angle. This method can quickly create spikes, dropouts, notches and other sub-cycle wave conditions. The resulting modified waveform can be stored for execution.

Waveform Analysis (optional)

Provides both a graphic and numeric display of the harmonic structure of a voltage or current waveform. The waveform is sampled at 512 samples per cycle using a 12 bit A/D converter. The resulting high fidelity waveform is analyzed for its harmonic structure up through the 51st harmonic. Data presented includes the magnitude of each harmonic in %, the total harmonic distortion, and the odd and even harmonic distortion in %. Displays Vrms, Irms, Ipk, Power, VA and PF.

Waveform Synthesis (optional)

Allows you to quickly create virtually any AC Test Waveform that may be required by building it out of harmonics. The process is as simple as keying in the harmonic multiple, the amplitude, and the phase angle for each desired harmonic up through the 51st. If desired, waveforms may also be created in the time domain by making entries from the front panel or by downloading from a host PC.

Time Based Transients

Provides the ability to create and execute on command, transients that occur linearly over a specified time segment to modify output voltage or frequency.

Cycle Based Transients
Create and execute on command, transients that substitute a selected waveform in the output for 1 to 100 cycles. The waveform being substituted can be selected and/or modified from the waveform library. Substitution is for an integer number of cycles, regardless of frequency.


301-F Universal Control Module (Manual)
  • Provides for selection of three different control options:
    • Internal fixed frequencies of 50, 60, and 400 Hz.
    • External signal generator.
    • Input from the SCU/UPC 32 Programmable Controller from 45 to 5000 Hz.
  • Provides for selection of the output power form:
    • Single phase operation or;
    • Three phase operation
    • Provides control of the mainframe output contactor to turn power on and off.
SCU/UPC32 Programmable Controller
  • Provides total control of the output signal from either the front panel keypad or from a remote computer via the IEEE or RS-232 (optional) BUS. Programmable parameters include:
    • Frequency
    • Frequency transients
    • Phase angle separation
    • Voltage amplitude
    • Voltage amplitude transients
    • Transient phase (any combination of phases)
    • Transient starting phase angle
    • Waveform generation
  • Requires universal control module
  • Compatibility with UPC Studio graphical user interface

Power Modules (Standard)

120-GR: Enhanced power modules for applications requiring motor starting, high short circuit current, frequencies from 45 to 2,000Hz (5,000Hz Optional) and fast transient and harmonic reproduction.

Output Magnetics

  • Standard internally mounted output autoformers provide many popular output voltage options. See partial listing under System Block Diagram
  • Other special magnetics options are available.


Electrical Specifications

Output Power:
See model listings for appropriate full power ratings.

Output Voltage:
Nominal system voltage is 125 VL-N three phase or single phase. Output voltage is fully adjustable from 0-125 VL-N. Three phase forms are configured as WYE and are capable of being loaded either DELTA or WYE.

Alternate Output Voltage:
For output forms other than the nominal 125 VL-N refer to System Block Diagram.

Output Frequency:
Standard with SCU/UPC 32 Programmable: 45-2000 Hz (45-5000 Hz is an option).

Output Current:
See model listings. Peak currents listed are available at the crest of the voltage sinewave for driving inverter or power supply loads without distortion or limiting.

Load Power Factor:
Output will drive loads of any power factor leading or lagging.

Load Balance Restriction:
None – all performance specifications apply with any amount of load imbalance.

Load Transient Response:
120-GR, 10 microseconds maximum. Applies to a 100% step change in load, any phase, or any combination of phases.

1 Phase/3 Phase Operation:
A manual switch allows conversion from 1 phase power forms to 3 phase power forms, instantly. 3 phase systems may be loaded either as WYE or DELTA.

Input Power Forms:
The G-Series power source is capable of operating from any of the listed input power forms:

  • Form A: 240 VAC, 3 DELTA, 47-63Hz.
  • Form C: 120/208 VAC, 3 WYE, 47-63 Hz.
  • Form D: 460 VAC, 3 DELTA,
  • 3 Ungrounded WYE, 47-63 Hz.
  • Other power forms are available; consult factory.

Failure Isolation System:
Any failed output device, multiple devices or power module is electronically disconnected from system output. Failure location is identified by service lamps and diagnostic meter on each power module. Service can be provided when convenient by replacing power modules. Power modules can be replaced WITHOUT system shutdown and without disturbances to system operation.

Mechanical Specifications

Dimensions (390-G):
Height: 50″, w/caster base 78″
Height: 50.5″, w/forklift base 78.5″
Width: 23″
Depth: 34.5″
Weight: 1,000 Lbs.
Air Flow: 2,000 CFM

Each G-Series mainframe is provided on a caster base with leveling feet for ease of installation.

Forklift or shock mount base is optionally available. Consult the factory for details.

Pacific designs and manufactures a broad range of AC Power Sources and Analyzers. Models range from 500 VA to 625 kVA. Applications include frequency conversion, AC Test Power and IEC Conformance Testing.


Brochures & Manuals

Product Brochure and Application Notes

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Technical and Application Assistance

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