Pacific Power Source returns to the Automotive Test Expo in Novi MI this year to showcase its powerful regenerative AZX Series AC and DC power source and Electronic Load systems. This year’s show is expected to draw a big crowd of automotive test engineers and exhibitors.illustrating the growing importance of testing and validation of increasingly complex electronic and power systems on board vehicles. With the rapid electrification of the automotive landscape, the importance of quality through design verification and testing cannot be overstated. That wil be the message at this year’s expo.

pacific-power-launches-AFX-series.jpgTo help test engineers accomplish this, Pacific Power introduces its all new AZX Series power source, capable of providing programmable AC, DC & AC+DC Power for design and test applications. The AZX Series is fully regenerative and able to both sink and source AC and or DC Current from an EUT. Models range form 30kW to 440kW in power output. Special available test software supports compliance testing conform OEM DC and AC power test protocols that can easily be programmed on the AZX. All this capability is easily controlled by the user through an intuitive front panel with a large full-color LCD display. For ATE applications, the AFX offers a LAN interface with LXI compliance and IVI instrument drivers.

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