Customizeable Manufacturing Testing Solutions

Often products are used at a different voltage and frequency from the country in which they are produced. This creates a need to convert both voltage and frequency on a production line.

Pacific Power Source’s products are used worldwide to supply the voltage and frequency needed by any given product requiring AC Power. Stable voltage and frequency are also required to minimize the rejection of a product due to poor power conditions in a factory. Pacific Power Source’s products provide a stable output while the input voltage or frequency can vary +/-10%. This provides the assurance that a product did not fail due to a low-voltage line in your facility.
Manufacturing Tests

Life test is also a critical need for manufacturers in testing their product’s use over time. A consistent voltage and frequency provide a stable environment where product failures are due to something other than a fluctuation in power.

Contact Pacific Power Source with any of your Manufacturing Test AC Power Source application needs. Pacific Power Source’s Application Engineers are available to discuss your AC Power Requirements and to help in selecting the right power source for your application.