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Alternative Energie

Pacific Power Source is firmly committed to supporting development and manufacturing of renewable energy sources and partners with a number of alternative energy companies to further this important technology. Many solar and wind based technologies are being deployed all over the world to supplement traditional energy sources.
Alternative Energy

These technologies often require grid-tied DC/AC inverters using modern switch mode PWM technology to achieve maximum conversion efficiency. Pacific Power Source has a long history of supplying industry with state of the art fully programmable AC Power Sources used to simulate a wide array of AC anomalies.

With a large installed base of precision AC Power Sources in commercial and industrial accounts, we offer a broad spectrum of software and hardware solutions that help our customers accomplish the successful and economical harnessing of renewable energy sources.

Industrial PV Inverter Test

Large scale industrial grid-tied PV inverters generate power ranging from 12KW up several hundreds of KW and require extensive type testing to be certified for grid-tied operation under all kinds of adverse line conditions. The high power 3060-MS programmable AC Power Source is well suited to this task due to its extensive range of programmable features and it’s 62kVA to 625KVA available power range.

Since PV inverters generate AC power, the AC Power Source used to simulate the AC grid must be able to absorb this power unless some other load is connected to the PV inverter as well. At these power levels, dissipating all this energy in a load is not optimal as it generates considerable amounts of heat.

With the addition of a grid-tied regenerative DC load to the 3060-MS, it can be converted to a grid-tied regenerative AC source that can both source and sink AC power.

Micro PV Inverter Test

Micro inverters have quickly grown in popularity since their introduction due in large part to their ease of installation and high energy efficiency resulting from distributed power generation. With power levels typically below 500W, the Pacific Power Source AMX series of four quadrant capable linear AC power sources is perfect for testing micro inverters. As the linear AMX AC power source is able to source and sink AC power, it can be used to test PV micro-inverters without the need for additional AC loads in the setup. The fast dynamic response of the linear AMX AC power source provides high fidelity AC grid simulation compared to switched mode AC power sources.

Contact Pacific Power Source regarding any of your alternative energy test needs. Pacific’s Application Engineers are available to discuss your AC Power Requirements and to help you in selecting the right power source configuration and options for your application.