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Manufacturing Test
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Flexible Manufacturing Test Solutions

msseries.jpgManufacturing Test – Often products are used at a different voltage and frequency from the country in which they are produced. This creates a need to convert both voltage and frequency on a production line.

Pacific Power Source AC products are used worldwide to supply the voltage and frequency needed by any given product requiring AC Power. Stable voltage and frequency are also required to minimize the rejection of a product due to poor power conditions in a factory. Our products provide a stable output while the input voltage or frequency can vary +/-10%. This provides the assurance that a product did not fail due to a low-voltage line in your facility.

To ensure product test coverage, we offer a wide variety of available voltage and frequency ranges to support extensive limit testing of products for immunity to line voltage and frequency variations that are often found in locations around the world. Rigorous immunity testing can greatly reduce product warranty cost and avoid customer dissatisfaction.


Life test is also a critical need for manufacturers in testing their product’s use over time. A consistent voltage and frequency provide a stable environment where product failures are due to something other than a fluctuation in power.

To ensure product quality, both design and production test coverage are of paramount importance.  Pacific’s AC power sources easily transition from engineering development us to production use as products move through their product life cycle. That means test software developed during product design can be transferred meet to production test requirements easily as our remote control programming syntax is standardized between AC power source platforms and backward compatibility with some of our legacy products in built in to our newer generations of power source controllers.

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