On March 19th, 2020, the Governor of the State of California issued Executive Order N-33-20, https://covid19.ca.gov/img/Executive-Order-N-33-20.pdf,  requiring all individuals living in California to stay in their place of residence except as needed to maintain continuity of operations of critical infrastructure sectors as outlined in https://www.cisa.gov/critical-infrastructure-sectors. Pacific Power Source has reviewed the order and determined that Pacific’s California facilities fall within the definition of critical infrastructure sectors, specifically, the Critical Manufacturing Sector.  Additionally, Pacific Power Source is currently supporting customers with Defense Priorities and Allocations System, (DPAS) rated purchase orders who have informed Pacific that they, and the U.S. Government, regard our organization, its affiliates and subsidiaries as essential business partners in ensuring uninterrupted supply chain operations during the present COVID-19 event.

While Pacific Power Source is continually monitoring and following CDC guidelines, and taking great care in protecting the health and welfare of our employees and local community, we remain open for business.

As a customer, please be assured that Pacific Power Source is taking every possible action to see us all through these uncertain times and, for the time being, we are meeting our contracted delivery commitments.

To our vendors, please note, as a supplier to Pacific Power Source, your ability to source requested services and material is not only critical to Pacific’s ability to meet our obligations within the Critical Manufacturing Sector, but places your company in the critical path of ensuring our entire nation can get through these most difficult times.  To this end, as you evaluate your operational needs, and prioritize your customer demands, please do ensure that any orders placed upon you by Pacific Power Source receive the appropriate level of attention.

Of course, for all of us, Pacific, Customers, and Vendors alike, the health and safety of our employees and the public is paramount.  We ask that you also follow the CDC preventative and mitigating guidelines, so as to protect us all.

Should you have any questions please feel free to reach out to your Sales, Support, or Purchasing Contact for further guidance or assistance.

Thank you.


Pacific Power Source Inc.